Saturday, June 24, 2006

Time to sell her

I am regretfully selling my prized CJ. (Scroll down to see pics) I have too many airplanes and I'm getting out of formation flying. This is not your run of the mill CJ which was retired from the chinese military, but was bought directly from an active duty base, and was completely overhauled before release. This airplane has never let me down and is extremely reliable. The engine compartment is extremely dry as opposed to other CJ's that are completely soaked in oil after a flight. The wheel wells look great, and all the pneumatics are in perfect condition. All the gear bushings are tight, and all the control cables were replaced 4 years ago. She is equipped with a Garmin 430 if you are so inclined for IFR flight. I will consider selling the airplane alone, and then the parts, but I wont sell the parts untill the airplane is sold. She is in beautiful condition with new paint. email me at
Here are the specs.

Asking $105k or $85k without spares

1964 CJ-6A with 285 HP Housai Engine
2300 TTAF, 300 hrs since AF and Engine over haul.
Garmin 430
Garmin GTX 320 Transponder
King KI 209 Indicator
New paint in June 2005 (See Below)
Stainless Steel Exhaust
New Strong Parachutes (2003)

The sale also includes a massive spares inventory worth aprox $20k which includes:
New 0 time engine
New cylinder
New piston
New rings
30 rocker cover o rings
assorted gaskets
2 Mags
2 Carbs
1 Generator
1 Air Compressor
2 main gear struts
about 100 new brake pucks and springs
new prop hub
and a whole bunch of small parts that I never had time to inventory like seals and such.
1 new brake drum
New Desser tires on the mains replaced 2 weeks ago and 2 new spare mains and 2 new spare nose + tubes.
Original chinese jack set (3)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Finally finished this project

Its been a while since my last post. Weather hadnt been cooperating with me. 3 solid weeks of rain kept me from painting since I was worried about the humidity and heat while shooting Imron. I finally decided to go for it, and the results werent bad.

Stay tuned.

Note the "Blood Chit", this one was used by the American Volunteer Group (AVG) in China during WWII. A blood chit was supposed to affer a reward to anyone who would grant safe passage to a downed pilot.


Side View

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My strategy was to shoot sections at a time, utilizing the natural seams in the airplane. Seems to work well, but slows things down a lot.

The paint supply house did an excellent job of matching the colors to the original.

Belly is done, tail feathers are done, but I will have to redo the vertical stab. Long story.

I wish I would have removed my GPS from in there first.

Proper lighting is essential, unless you dont want to see your screwups...argh!

Primed and papered. Getting ready to shoot.

Just gotta remove the canopies and finish the bottom

This is one messy job.

First I stripped the cowls

CJ Paint Project.

I finnaly broke down and decided my CJ needed a paint job, and I figure I could do it myself rather than pay someone $10 to $15k for it.

I'm learning a lot, most of which is that I'lll never do this again!

I felt my homeowners insurance rates going up as he flew by.

Groundloop......These things dont ground loop.

A painted TW for a change

Naked Tail Craig Payne

My Neigbor Rich

He really like to play the part doesnt he!


4th group.

3rd group before the break

3rd group

2nd group.

1st Wave

You should have heard it from the gound.

This is the first mass flyby.

4....You're on fire!

Smoke on

Nice symetry in?????

Must have been a lot of flak.

Must have been bumpy.

Heres a scraggly bunch

Of course he wasnt going more than 250 knots right!!

Here comes Jay

What is a DUGGY?\



Here are the pics I took at the Leeward Flyin 2005.

First Post

This is my first official blog so forgive me while I figure this crap out. 25 years as a computer geek doesnt mean I have to understand half this stuff. Anyway, I'm going to talk less and publish mostly pics, as soon as I figure out how Picasa posts my pics to this blog.